Friday, January 4, 2013

Construction Emergencies

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When your construction company has a multi-million or even billion dollar contracting project in the works, every little detail must be carefully planned and prepared for execution. One small mistake can undermine the integrity of the entire project, and the entire house of cards can fall from the tiniest oversight.

With a zero-fail compliance, if something breaks or does go wrong, you need to be prepared to rectify the situation quickly. This is where Blue Stream Services comes into play. Blue Stream Services is a leader in heavy equipment rentals and services that has a strong reputation for alleviating problems in dire situations. At a moments notice, Blue Stream can send its convoys out to your project site with rental cooling towers, offshore equipment, industrial strength and powered generators, or general cooling machinery. Blue Stream's long list of service solutions include:

  • NEW! Permanent Generator Sales
  • Onshore and Offshore Equipment Maintenance and Service
  • Portable Rental Generators and Power Generation Systems
  • Custom Designed Rental Air Conditioners and Climate Control Systems
  • Custom Designed Rental Air Conditioning Systems
  • Portable Rental Cooling Tower Systems
  • Oil-Free Rental Air Compressors
  • New & Used Equipment Sales
  • Parts Sales
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Response
  • Engineered Solutions and Contingency Planning
  • Turn-Key Solutions for virtually any utility related need
Call Blue Stream Services today at 866-939-BLUE to learn your rental options, or visit them online:

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